Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Christmas In Europe - Day 1

Stop 1 - Mini-Europe: On our way into the city center of Brussels, we made a stop at the miniature park, Mini-Europe. The park consists of 350 replicas of some of the best monuments and sites of Europe. The kids loved running from building to building examining the small people and pressing any buttons at each display. Milo was especially interested in the miniature trains they had running through the park.

Stop 2 - Brussels, Belgium: After leaving the miniature park, we headed into the center of Brussels. After parking our car we strolled through the city enjoying the many stalls and lights of the Christmas market. After walking past several waffle shops we stopped at a small walk-up shop and tried our first liege waffles. From the first bite, we were totally hooked. 

Stop 3 - Fritland: After strolling through the Christmas markets more we stopped and tried the fries at Fritland, a fry shop which many people online had reviewed as the best fries in Belgium. Although I do love a good french fry, I don't know if I would say the fries at Fritland were notably better than many of the fries I've had other places.

Stop 4 - Manneken Pis: After gorging on our "healthy" snacks, we walked through the city to visit the famous Manneken Pis statue. The statue was much smaller than expected but the kids got a kick out of seeing the naked boy peeing in the fountain. After scolding him for his inappropriate behavior, we continued on our way.

Stop 5 - Grand Palace Square: As we wandered through the city,we stumbled upon a musical light show in Grand Palace Square. We all just stood in awe as the buildings changed colors to the music. Even Cooley didn't move or make a sound as he stared at the colorful buildings. Although it only lasted 10 minutes or so, the light show was easily one of the most memorable and magical experiences we had on our trip.


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