Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Christmas In Europe - Day 5

Stop 17 - Luxmbourg, Luxembourg: The next morning we took a drive through Luxembourg to see the city better in the daylight. We were impressed by the beautiful buildings and unique architecture. As we viewed the Grund area near the canal we noticed that it slightly resembled the views along the canals in Strasbourg, France.  

Stop 18 - Semois Valley: On our way back towards Brussels, we took the scenic route and drove through the beautiful Semois Valley. The views were breathtaking and reminded us of our drives through the Black Forest in Germany the year before. 

Stop 19 - Dinant, Belgium: Continuing on our journey, we drove through the stunning city of Dinant to view its unique cathedral and colorful buildings lining the River Meuse.

Stop 20 - Brussels, Belgium: And of course we just couldn't leave Belgium without getting waffles one last time. So we headed back to our favorite waffle shop in Brussels city center before heading to the airport.


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