Sunday, December 28, 2014

A Christmas In Europe - Day 4

Stop 14 - "Reading Between The Lines Church": The next morning we set out to find the small see-through church near the town of Borgloon, Belgium. Although it took a while to find, it was worth the search as the church was pretty incredible.

Stop 15 - Ardennes American Cemetary: Our next stop was the humbling Aredennes American Cemetary near Neupré, Belgium. It was a cold day and the sprawling cemetery was completely empty making it all that more humbling as we imagined the treacherous conditions the soldiers had to endure before losing their lives in battle. Ryan quietly explained to the kids the significance of the cemetery and the thousands of headstones lining the field. He explained the writing on the headstones and why some of them didn't list the persons name. We're grateful for the opportunity that we had to stop and pay our respects to the many men who sacrificed so much for the freedom of others.

Stop 16 - Luxmbourg, Luxembourg: Our final stop of the day was in the beautiful country of Luxembourg. Upon entering the city were instantly impressed by the grandeur of it all. The entire city was immaculately clean and everything was very large and majestic. We went to the Christmas market and experienced our favorite market of the trip. After exploring the market and listening to some of the Christmas performances, we took a ride on the ferris wheel. The kids laughed through the ride and enjoyed looking down on the lights of the city. As we continued to explore the market, the kids were able to ride the merry go-round and drink some German kinderpunsch. It was definitely a magical night to remember.


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