Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Running With The Balls

When I first heard about the Barrack Hill Ball Roll before we even moved to Ireland, I knew it was an event we HAD to attend. Since it didn't fall in line with our weekend plans, we completely rearranged our holiday schedule to make sure we could be in Cobh that day. We originally thought the event would merely be us sitting on the sidelines watching the balls roll down the hill. But once the balls began rolling and we saw kids running into the street, we quickly threw our kids into the road and watched them run with the thousands of balls rolling down the hill. It was 5 minutes of complete chaos with kids running up and down the hill, Maeli gathering as many balls as she could in her arms, and Milo throwing them high into the air. It was truly one of the coolest events we've ever seen for kids and definitely 5 minutes we will always remember.


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