Saturday, August 30, 2014

Adventures in Italy - Day 10

Stop 26 - Er Buchetto: The apartment we were staying at in Rome had a kids bedroom loaded with toys so the kids were begging to stay at the apartment as long as they could. When we finally pulled them away from the toys we headed to Er Buchetto for some of the best reviewed "porchetta" in Rome. The restaurant was a tiny little shop with a large pig roasting in the window. When we ordered our sandwiches, the owner cut the meat right of the pig, placed it on a roll, and handed it to us in a bag. The pig was perfectly cooked and was super cheap. 

Stop 27 - Villa Borghese: After lunch we went to the Villa Borghese park for some play-time. The park was huge so we rented a small golf cart and explored the various pockets of the park. While I was driving, a family on a 4-person bike took a turn to sharp and ended up throwing a person off and crashing into a tree. Everyone was fine but Maeli insisted that their crash was my fault since I happened to be driving at the time it happened. After the ride, we enjoyed the stunning views of the city from a lookout point in the park.

Stop 28 - The Spanish Steps: After the park we headed to the Spanish Steps for a quick race up to the top. The deal was that the winner got gelato. Maeli obviously won but we decided that everyone deserved gelato after making the trek to the top of the stairs in the crazy heat.

Stop 29 - Trevi Fountain:
When we turned the corner to the plaza containing the Trevi Fountain we were immediately disappointed. Since the fountain was under renovation, it was covered in scaffolding and was completely empty. The city had set-up a small cheesy pond of water in front of the construction site so people could still toss in their coins. We went along with their money-trap and tossed a coin in but were disappointed that we didn't get the traditional Trevi Fountain experience.

Stop 30 - La Cannoleria Siciliana: Prior to our trip we researched where to find the best cannoli's in Rome. One of the best reviewed cannoli spots was La Cannoleria Siciliana so after the fountain we headed over to the bakery to try some of Rome's best cannoli's. Although we don't have a lot to compare it to, the cannoli was pretty awesome and would definitely rank as the best cannoli we've tried so far. 

Stop 31 - Pascucci: After our cannoli experience we headed to Pascucci to cool off with some Italian milkshakes. Truthfully, the shakes were really more like glorified smoothies but after being in the heat all day they totally hit the spot. 

Stop 32 - Pantheon: Next we walked over to check out the Pantheon. In the plaza in front of the building there were street performers playing some music. When the kids heard the music they got excited and started dancing. We figured there really is no better backdrop to a good dance show than the Pantheon in Rome.

Ryan's old classmate and one of her friends were also visiting Rome so we met them at the Pantheon and enjoyed a nice Italian dinner at a street-side table before heading back to our apartment for the night. 


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