Monday, April 14, 2008

Star Struck

When writing the previous blog entry, I totally forgot to mention one of the best stories from graduation. One of the cool things about the BYU schools' graduations, is that they have general authorities come and speak. This year at our graduation, we had Elder Ballard as the main speaker. Now Ryan's uncle is a member of the 70 so he's met quite a few apostles, while I, on the other hand...have not. So there we were, walking out to the main floor at the beginning of commencement, and all of the faculty were lined up on the sides of the hallways clapping for us. As we walked through the hall, we were saying hi to all the teachers we had taken classes from in the past. At the end of the line, right before entering the auditorium, I saw the President of the university standing at my right, so I looked to my left to see who was standing there. As I walk past this man, I realized that it was Elder Ballard. Being totally shocked, I just stood there staring at him in total awe. More than anything, I was just surprised. I had never even been in the same room as an apostle, and "poof," there was one right next to me. After staring at him and not saying anything, he finally broke the awkwardness and said "Hi there." The moral of the story is that I will always be known as the creepy girl who just stood there totally star struck by an apostle. Let's just say that since it happened, Ryan hasn't let me forget what a total goober I looked like.


Jon and Lara Stowell April 14, 2008 at 8:39 AM  

That is hilarious. I can totally picture your face and I wasn't even there. You're cute.

rachel April 17, 2008 at 7:32 PM  

Ryan! I found your link on Matts blog and thougt I would say Hi! Mackenzie looks SO cute! Congrats to both of you on graduating. What's next? Good luck!

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