Friday, April 29, 2016

A Weekend Up North - Wutpaki National Monument

The area around the Wutpaki National Monument is by far one of the prettiest dessert landscapes we've seen in Arizona. The ruins found in this area remind us a lot of the many castles we explored in Ireland. It's amazing how similar so much of the architecture was even with them being located on different sides of the world. Just like the European castles, the kids enjoyed getting to climb the structures and explore the various rooms. 


A Weekend Up North - Sunset Crater

The kids enjoyed running along the lava-flow trail at Sunset Crater. They kept wanting to go off the trail to climb all over the rocks. Milo and Cooley especially enjoyed throwing and breaking the lava rocks


A Weekend Up North - Exploring Hills

While driving, we passed a short stretch of random hills that looked like they would be fun for the kids to climb. The kids fearlessly ran up and down the hills racing along the ridgeline. 


A Weekend Up North - Flintstones Bedrock City

By far one of the best stops on our trip was Flintstones Bedrock City. The park was small and a bit run-down but the kids loved it! They especially enjoyed running from building to building checking our the prehistoric decor and furniture.


Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Weekend Up North - The Grand Canyon

The weather was cold and windy when we made our first stop at the Grand Canyon resulting in the kids being whiney and less than impressed. But by the time we made our second stop, the wind had calmed down and the kids were able to play around while we admired the view. 


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