Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Touring Central Europe - Day 2

Stop 7 - Jewish Cemetery in the Jewish Quarter: After getting into Prague late the previous night, we took it easy and spent the morning exploring the historic Jewish Quarter of Prague. The highlight was getting to see the Jewish Cemetery in the heart of the district. The cemetery contains 12,000 gravestones representing 100,000 burials. As they ran out of room in the cemetery, they continued to add layers on top of layers. They say that in some areas the layers are 12 deep.

Stop 8 - Prague Old Town Square: After watching the famous clock ring in the Old Town Square, we grabbed a quick lunch from some street vendors. Our favorite was the roasted pork which they cut right off the pig when we ordered.

Stop 9 - Charles Bridge: Next we strolled over to Charles Bridge to enjoy the views of Prague. We saw a small playground at the end of the bridge and stopped to let the kids play for a while.

Stop 10 - Vytopna Railway Restaurant: Our final stop of the day was at the Vytopna Railway Restaurant where your drink orders are served on a model train. The kids LOVED watching the trains go by and Milo would get upset when a few minutes would go by without seeing a train.


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