Saturday, January 31, 2015

And Then He Was One

Dear Cooley, 

One year ago we revealed our greatest secret yet. From your surprising pregnancy to your crazy daily antics, you continue to shock and amaze us.

It seems like just yesterday that you laid on our chests in that small, dim hospital room in Dublin. As we held you close, we heard the police sirens echoing in the cold air outside reminding us of what an important task our Father in Heaven has trusted us with in raising such a special baby boy.

From the day we brought you home, your face has been plastered with a constant smile. People always ask about life with three kids and we simply respond that it's no big deal when your baby is an angel. You are in a happy mood all of the time and make our lives easier with your calm and laid-back personality.

To say that you love Maeli and Milo would be a complete understatement. You ALWAYS want to be part of the action and hate being taken away from playing with the big kids. When we bring you downstairs after naps you always excitedly look around for your siblings. 

Your brother Milo is especially great with you and is always showering you with hugs and kisses. Sometimes when Mom is feeding you a bottle before nap time, Milo will come in and say "goodnight Cooley" and will kiss you on the head. Milo often gets so excited when playing with you that he opens his mouth as though he's going to bite you but then fights the urge and restrains himself. As much as he likes to rough-house, he is very protective and is the first to jump up and help you when in need. When Maeli is at school, you and Milo often crawl around the house chasing one another. 

Cooley, you have developed a serious passion for food. You especially love fruit and tend to favor clementines and blueberries. You have become quite the messy eater and enjoy seeing how big of a mess you can make at dinner time. (You can imagine how much Mom likes this.)

Like your brother, you are very stubborn and refuse to be pushed into doing anything you don't want to do. Although you are capable of sitting up, you don't like to and will usually flop onto your stomach if we put you into a sitting position. When you first began crawling you did what we called your "butterfly crawl" where you would pull yourself around with your arms. As you have gotten older you have learned to crawl normal but still often revert back to your butterfly.

You have developed an interest in dinosaurs and like to roar when you see Milo's dinosaur toys. You also love to shout and speak with a very throaty voice when you babble. 

It has been fun to watch your personality grow over the last year. The older you get, the more silly you prove to be. Before doing something you know you're not supposed to, you will often look up at us and smile before proceeding to do it. You are always full of surprises and waste no time causing trouble when you see an opportunity.  

Cooley, words cannot even begin to express what a blessing you are to our family. You were a missing piece in our family puzzle. We end each day thanking our Father in Heaven for another day spent with you. There's no doubt in our minds that you were born to make an impact in this world. We love you baby boy!


Mom & Dad




Friday, January 30, 2015

Family Story Time




Thursday, January 29, 2015

Home Is Where The Hearts Are


Monday, January 26, 2015

The Final Countdown

According to our paper chain we only have 65 more days until our Irish adventure comes to an end. It's sad to think that in 65 days we will leave and possibly never get to come back. I guess we better make these last days count!


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