Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer In Spain - Day 4

Stop 7 - Cariñena, Aragón Region: The next morning we got up and started our journey towards Valencia. On our way, we drove through the beautiful Cariñena, Aragón wine country.

Stop 8 - Gulliver's Park: Once we arrived in Valencia, our first stop was at Gulliver's Park - a giant figure of Gulliver from Gulliver's Travels made into a playground for kids. Although it was a bit hot outside, the kids had a blast climbing up the giant and sliding down his body and hair. A few of us may have gotten burnt going down the slides but it was well worth the pain.

Stop 9 - The House of Cats: After reading about the House of Cats online, we knew we had to add it to our "to do" list. On our way to the house we stopped at a little corner store and picked up a carton of milk. When we arrived at the house, the kids were excited to see that it was a tiny house their size. The detail on the house was amazing! With it's own little balcony and fountain, the cats have a beautiful private entrance to their house. The kids enjoyed pouring milk into the little fountain and peeking in through the door.

Stop 10 - Cullera Beach: We figured that the perfect way to end the day would be at one of Spain's best beaches. The weather was great, the beach was gorgeous, and the kids were able to run free in the water. When I asked Maeli later if she liked sleeping on her towel on the beach, she corrected me and said "We weren't sleeping, we were relaxing."


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