Monday, May 19, 2014

I Amsterdam - Day 3

Stop 8 - Anne Frank House: We tried our best to prep Maeli before our visit to the museum. I think Ryan would agree that this was one of the highlights of our trip to Amsterdam. It was kind of surreal to think that we were standing in the same room that she and her family hid in during those dark years. It was a totally humbling experience to get to hear about the family's experiences in that house. As a parent, it was cool getting to teach Maeli about such an important time in history.

Stop 9 - Floating Flower Market: The floating flower market is one of Amsterdam’s most colourful attractions. The small shops throughout the market are located inside a row of floating barges. The colors and fragrances of the market were unreal. Ryan found a Venus Flytrap and convinced Maeli that it would be cool to grow her own. Consequently, we left the market with a grow-your-own Venus Flytrap kit. The day after getting home, we heard Maeli crying in her room. When we asked her what was wrong, she told us that she wanted us to take back the "scary plant." I've gotta agree with her - they really are scary-looking plants.

Stop 10 - Canal Biking: Since we had a bit of time to kill before heading to the airport, we took the opportunity to rent a canal bike and go for a quick ride on Amsterdam's canals. Surprisingly, the kids did really well and stayed in their seats most of the time. They especially loved screaming "helllooo" every time we'd go beneath a bridge.


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