Friday, January 31, 2014

Cooley Aston McFarlane

Dear Cooley, 

The past year of our life could probably best be described as "full of surprises." With the addition of you to our family being the greatest of those unexpected events. Although having a baby in a different country was not specifically in our plans, we know that it was part of a greater plan for our family and are so grateful for the many ways that your birth has brought us closer together. Although you have only been with us a short time, it is very apparent that you were a missing link in our family chain. Everything about your birth story has been out of the norm for us which has helped us learn and grow through the process.

One of the coolest experiences about your birth has been getting to bring you home to meet your brother and sister. When Maeli saw you for the first time she couldn't stop laughing she was so excited. She helped put you in your car seat and held your hand the whole way home. And when you began to cry when the nurse pricked your heel for a test, Maeli began crying too. Although her interest may wane over time, know that she loves you and will always be there to comfort you when life "pricks your heel."  

Your brother, Milo, has been enthralled by you since the moment he first met you. He loves to have us sit you on his lap so he can touch your face and "burp" you. He showers you with kisses all day long and has been found on many occasions to lay on his belly next to you to look you in the eyes and jabber away. We know you won't always get along but hope you will both remember how lucky you are to have a built-in best friend in your family. When life gets crazy, you will appreciate having someone willing to put the world on hold to be by your side. 

Cooley, as we hold you in our arms, we can't help but feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude that our Father in Heaven has trusted us with your care. As we get to know you better each day, we fall more in love with you and the spirit you bring into our home. We know that you have a special purpose here on Earth and that we have so much to learn from you. We are so excited by all the possibilities that your little life brings and can't wait to build a lifetime of memories with you. We love you baby boy.


Mom & Dad


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