Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Geocaching Adventure

Went on a geocaching adventure today! According to Maeli, it was the "best treasure hunt EVER!"


The Big Two

Dear Milo, 

It's crazy to think that you have already hit the ripe old age of 2! It seems like just yesterday we were barely making it to the hospital in time for you to be born. 

Your favorite things right now are airplanes, tractors, trains, and cars (in that order). You have recently begun to pretend inanimate objects are planes, moving them around in the air while making an airplane noise. You get excited every time you see any of these modes of transportation and will continuously point them out to us telling us what they are. 

Your favorite shows to watch are "Peppa Pig" and "Tayo the Little Bus." Whenever a Peppa episode ends, you and Maeli just sit there waiting to see if another one will come on. When it does, you both look at each other and start laughing. You would watch Peppa all day if we would let you. 

Your best friend and biggest enemy is without a doubt your sister, Maeli. You guys do EVERYTHING together! When you are sleeping, Maeli is always asking where you are and can't wait for you to wake up and play. You both love to ride your Plasma Cars around the house and especially love when we blow up balloons for you to play with. Your recent hobby is annoying your sister. You love to poke and prod her and seem to get even more excited about bugging her when she gets upset.


You are a great big brother and love your little brother, Cooley. You love to hug and kiss him and are always saying his name - "Cooooleeey." You especially love to sit on top of him and call him your "horsey." Despite this, he absolutely adores you. He loves watching you and Maeli and gets a big grin on his face any time you give him some attention. 

Some additional things you do:
  • You love collecting rocks and when roaming the yard, you can always be found with at least 1 or 2 rocks in hand. 
  • Our wagon is your favorite toy. Whenever we take it out, you insist on pulling it (even though it is 3 times your size). This usually causes you to receive a lot of attention.
  • You have recently started singing the song "I Am A Child Of God" with us when we sing it to you at bedtime. You also love to sing "Let It Go" and are good at twirling around with your sister while you sing it.
  • In the last month or two you have really started to talk quite a bit. You can now put 2 or 3 words together into phrases. 
  • You are quite the troublemaker and aren't very good at listening to us when we tell you "no." Even when we try to punish you, you will usually just get a devilish smile on your face and continue doing whatever it is we're telling you not to do.
  • Your favorite foods are blueberries, ice cream, and watermelon. If we don't watch you carefully, you will usually eat an entire large container of blueberries in one sitting. 

Milo, we are so lucky to be able to call you "ours." Never before in the history of the world has there been luckier parents! We love you Milo Man!


Mom & Dad


Sunday, July 20, 2014

The Air Show

We attended an air show today with vintage planes shooting by and doing tricks overhead. The highlight for this guy? Pretending that a piece of trash was an airplane. 


Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Day At The Horse Races


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