Wednesday, August 7, 2013

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Friday, August 2, 2013

Already One

Dear Milo, 

It's hard to believe that we met you for the first time only a year ago. We can remember the first time your sister Maeli met you and wasn't too keen on the idea of sharing our attention. Now a year later, we can't go anywhere without her asking why you're not there. 

Milo, you are very different from your sister in so many ways. I think the best word to describe you would be "content." So far, you seem to be a lot like your Dad. You've taken your time learning to crawl and mastering each new stage. You're in no hurry to grow up too fast. You are perfectly content with life as it is. 

If there is anything that you are passionate about, it is FOOD! When it comes to eating, you don't mess around. You will usually scream and lunge at food until you get it. You have been known to grab food when Mom and Dad aren't looking. We can remember you grabbing Maeli's sandwich out of our hands and stuffing it in your mouth as early as 5 or 6 months old. It is a known rule in our household that food eaten in your vicinity MUST be shared with you. 

You have surprised us with your love of music. You like to dance when you hear music and you especially like to wave and clap your hands in your carseat while we're driving. Sometimes Mom will catch you "singing" (making noises with your voice) to songs on the radio. We were recently at an audio store when headphones were placed on your ears. 
Once you heard the music, your eyes lit up and you couldn't stop smiling.

Just like your sister, you have NO teeth at the age of 1. Despite this trial, you have maintained your love of food and have learned to "gum" your food pretty well. You have proven that teeth are a luxury - not a necessity.

Milo, you are known for being a cuddler. Even at your 1st bday party, you spent the majority of the time laying your head on families' shoulders. You love to be held and will cry until someone picks you up and gives you their undivided attention. 

We can remember you pointing for the first time on the "It's A Small World" ride at Disneyland. Since then, you love to point all the time. It's so fun to watch your little E.T. finger pointing at everything you see. 

Milo, you have the best smile in the world. You win over strangers with your dimples and make our hearts melt when you look at us with those dark brown eyes. You are a happy boy and smile and laugh ALL THE TIME. (Even your cry usually starts with a smile.) We are so grateful for the last year of giggles and smiles and are so thankful to have your sweet, calming spirit in our home. We love you baby boy! 


Mom & Dad


Saturday, July 20, 2013

Cake Smash

Our 1st attempt at Milo's "Cake Smash" didn't quite go as planned so we tried it again a couple days after his party. The 2nd attempt definitely did not disappoint! Some highlights included:
  • Milo got so excited about the cake, he stuck his face directly into the cake on several occasions.
  •  Milo would move his hand like he was going to grab some frosting off the cake but his hand wouldn't quite make it that far before he brought it back to his mouth. He essentially spent a good chunk of the time eating nothing but air.
  • After a while, Maeli decided to join in on the fun and began feeding Milo some of the cake. She especially loved when he would lick the frosting off of her fingers.



Saturday, July 6, 2013

An All-American Kind of Day

This year, our Independence Day was filled with mini bowling, a bbq, swimming, and plenty of fireworks to top it all off. It was truly an all-American kind of day.




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