Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Summer In Spain - Day 6

Stop 16 -  Mar Menor Beach: We started the day off at the Mar Menor beach which is situated on a unique sea lagoon off a narrow peninsula. The water was calm with only about 2 feet of water making it the BEST beach we've ever seen for kids. Truthfully, our kids probably could have played at this beach the entire 9 days if we would've let them. Soon after arriving at the beach, we discovered a small shop where we rented a stand up paddle board. We took turns taking the kids out on the water which they absolutely loved. It was especially nice for us since the water was so shallow, the kids could easily stand up in the water if they happened to fall.

Stop 17 - Alhambra Palace: Sadly, we had a busy day planned so we had to cut our time at the beach short and start on our journey to Granada. Upon arriving in the city, we headed to the Alhambra Palace where we explored its decoratively designed halls and gardens. The palace was one of the most unique, detailed buildings we've ever seen (and we've seen quite a few crazy buildings in our time in Ireland). The kids especially enjoyed running through the halls, gazing at the goldfish in the ponds, and stepping over the many streams running through the floors of the palace.

Stop 18 - Albayzin District: After exploring the Alhambra, we dropped our gear off at the hotel and walked over to the Albayzin District to grab some dinner. The district is the old Arab quarter facing the Alhambra and is a collection of narrow, winding streets populated with vendors and small shops. It was cool seeing streets filled with the colorful stalls and the mix of the Spanish and Arabic cultures.


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